Stop Excessive Sweating : The answer is simple

What is Sweat ?

To understand why one over sweats and to avoid this its important first to get our basics right. The video on the right is a animation developed for this purpose. After which you can read the below page for more in depth information.

We rely more on our sweat glands to regulate our body temperature than any other species.

Excessive sweating can be defined as when your body sweats beyond its physiological needs. If you think you suffer from excessive sweating then this condition is called hyperhidrosis.

A lot of people learn to live with excessive sweating as its widely reported that around 2% of the world’s population suffers from excessive sweating. In other cases the severity of the sweating is more than they can handle and this leads them to find solutions to take charge of the situation.

” I had a normal childhood till I turned 17 years old and I started to notice my hands, feet and armpits started to sweat more often. Having sweaty hands made me feel crippled as day to day tasks became difficult, not to mention the constant fear of sweat stains, body odor and the social anxiety that followed “

If the above statement feels a lot like your own story then you have come to the right place.

Facial Sweating

Excessive sweating ( Hyperhidrosis )

What can cause excessive sweating?

There are many reasons why you could be suffering from excessive sweating. A book can be written on the causes of HH. Its not possible to write about all the possible reasons hence below we cover the most common ones. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for then please use the hyperhidrosis forum so that the community can help you out. You should also consult a physician.

1) Overactive sympathetic nervous system: 

Excessive Sweating

The sympathetic nervous system

In most of the cases the sympathetic nervous system is overactive which wrongly gives signals to the sweat glands to sweat this results in excessive sweating. This system is part of the autonomic system which means you cannot control it. This part of your nervous system is connected to your skin, blood vessels and sweat glands. Consult your physican for more on SNS


Women going through pre-menopause and menopause report excessive sweating. They report night sweats or hot flashes.

This is due to hormonal changes in their body which causes this sweating. Around 50% women doing through menopause also notice some kind of excessive sweating. For More on menopause or also known as night sweats click here.

3)Gustatory sweating:

is when people start sweating on the face just after eating food. Usually its just one side of the face. This occurs due to stress on the nerves after surgery. Click here for more on Gustatory sweating

4) Alcohol:

affects the bodies metabolism causing you to sweat. For more on alcohol and how it affects your body for sweating

read this article.

5) Thyroid Sweating:

occurs when one has overactive thyroid.When the thyroid gland over secretes thyroxin, the change in its levels of secretion leads to hormonal imbalance and is called hyperthyroidism. One of the main symptoms of this disorder includes excessive and frequent sweating. For more on thyroid sweating.

Besides the said ones there are other reasons you might be suffering excessive sweating. Hormonial disorders, allergies, side effects to medecines, virus to name a few.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does obesity cause excessive sweating?

Yes, if you are obese then you will tend to sweat more but it won’t be classified as hyperhidrosis. Even loosing a bit of weight drastically helps you to control your sweating. You don’t need any kind of medication to control your sweating. You only need to loose some weight.

  • Can creatine cause excessive sweating?

Its very rare that if you are using creatine you are going to suffer from excessive sweating. Usually people are also using fat burners along with creatine and if you notice a significant change in your sweating then you should stop and consult your physician.

  • Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cause sweating?

Excessive sweating is not one of the symptoms of carpal tunnel but as one of the main reasons for carpal syndrome is caused due to pressure on the median nerve. That could be the case if someone reports abnormally high levels of sweat.

Types of Excessive Sweating:



Primary Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating at the armpits is known as Primary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

When a person sweats from their hands and feet its known as secondary hyperhidrosis

Excessive Sweating’s Domino Effect:

  • Body Odour | Bromohidrosis:

Sweat does not smell but after a few minutes due to bacterial reaction you start smelling. The worst part is because your are constantly smelling your brain will learn to avoid the smell so you won’t notice it. Here in an article on deodorants and antiperspirations to help you control body odour

  • Social Anxiety:

prevent sweating

Collection of clothes designed to prevent sweating stains

Constant wet clothes, wet hands and feet have an huge effect on the social life of teens. At a vunerable age, it affects their confidence. Over a period of time if they don’t get a grib and a hold on their HH condition causes social anxiety.

  • Yellow Stains:

Sweat from the armpits usually leaves a yellow stain. White clothes and yellow stains are infamous for this. Once again the use of basic antiperspiration greatly helps. There are also clothes made to resist excess sweat. For more on clothes to help prevent sweating click here.

Simple Solutions to stop excessive sweating:

Below is a list of simple solutions which you can use to control excessive sweating. We have listed the easiest,simplest and one of the most effective methods of controlling HH have been listed here. You can also search the site for more articles for other remedies.

Do it yourself remedies:

home remedies for excessive sweating:

How To Take Care of Smelly Armpits: Best Selling books on how to prevent sweating

Here is an article we have written which explains simple methods which you can do in your house to reduce sweating in 5 minutes

This article charts down steps which you can do to reduce smelly armpits

Books to teach you on how to prevent sweating

Prescriptions and Over the Counter medications:

Leading Deodorants and Antiperspirants Driclor


Prescription strength antiperspirants can prevent you from sweating. There are over 20 options in the market from which one can choose from

prevent sweating

Driclor is a popular medicine to prevent sweating

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