Excessive sweating is when the body sweats even when it is not overheated. Normal secretion of sweat takes place when the body is involved in any form of physical activity or the surrounding temperature is very hot and humid. People break out in sweat even otherwise if they are anxious, nervous, embarrassed or excited.

This type of excessive sweating is perfectly normal as it is associated with certain conditions but when people sweat excessively or without any rhyme or reason, then it becomes a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. This condition usually surfaces in the teenage years as the body grapples with various hormonal changes but settles down in the majority of the cases.

Excessive sweating can lead to a lot of problems, both physical and mental. Many who sweat heavily are uncomfortable in social settings as they are embarrassed by their perpetually drenched clothes. Hence below is a collection of clothes which can help you out

How can Clothes help us prevent sweating ?

Another way to help you out to prevent sweating is using the right clothes which are designed for you to be in charge of your sweating. They are perfectly designed to avoid stains and let your skin breathe and the sweat stains won’t show in social circumstances.

They come mainly in the below types:

1) Wicking enabled.
2) Clothes with pads.
3) Enabling Garments to be breathable and retain wicking.

Wicking Enabled:

Sporting clothes but not limited to them have a wicking ability. As sweat and sports go hand in hand. This feature is important when looking out to buy clothes. Below is a sample collection for your further review.

Definition of wicking:
“The movement of liquids in thin tubes. The flow of liquids through porous media, such as the flow of water through soil”

Wicking enabled clothes will allow the sweat to move away from your skin to the outer surface of the fabric for easy evaporation. This allows your skin to breathe.

prevent sweating wearing wicking clothes

Men Wicking Long Sleeve

short sleeves to help prevent sweating

Wicking Short Sleeve

Stripe polo shirt to help prevent sweating

Stripe Polo shirt with wicking

Shirt designed for travelling and preventing sweat

Travel Shirt

prevent sweating for ladies

Tee with Wicking

Prevent Sweating short sleeve ladies tee

Short Sleeve With Wicking

Back Full Sleeve Wicking Top

Back Full Sleeve Wicking Top

Golf Tee to prevent sweating

Golf Tee With Wicking

Clothes with Pads:

Besides using clothes that help to transfer the sweat you can make them more effective by using sweat pads. For more click here.

Sweat pads help prevent sweating in clothes

Sweat pads help prevent sweating in clothes

Enabling Garments to be breathable and retain wicking:

Due to continous use your garments will loose their wicking ability and won’t allow your skin to breathe as well. Thus a new tee feel much better rather than after a few washes.

Using a base wash helps restore that feature on your garments. The agent is also better at removing odors and we recommend it to be use in washing of shoes.

Base wash to improve clothes prevent sweating

Base wash to improve clothes prevent sweating

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