What are clammy hands ?

Clammy Hands

Hands which are moist, sticky and cold to touch are called clammy hands.

Hands which are moist, sticky and cold to touch are called clammy hands.
If you suffer from clammy hands you might get embarrassed when shaking hands when meeting people.

Having Clammy hands is not a serious and harmful problem but it can kill your confidence.

Why You ?

Clammy Hands ( Hyperhidrosis ) is a big inconvenience for people who suffer from it. It is also known as palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. The reasons can be from a overactive neurological system to your metabolic or a systemic diseases diseases. Anxiety and emotions can also cause this. You need to consult your doctor to identify the root cause of your condition.

Clammy hands occurs due to excessive sweating. Too much sweating can result in moist, cool and pale skin. Physical exertion and stress can cause sweating. Sweating is good for the body as it regulates the body temperature but excessive sweating makes the body parts clammy.

Besides abundant perspiration other chronic diseases can also cause clammy hands. These diseases include; infections, Hypoglycemia, Arrhythmias, severe pain, Sepsis, Cardiogenic shock, Hypovolaemic shock, Hypoglycemia, heat stroke, congenital hypothyroidism, Septicemia, exposure to cold, Hypothermia, cold weather and Blood circulation problems. The possibility of this happening because of them is rare and mostly its due to hyperhidrosis.

People having clammy hands avoid socializing because they have a low self-esteem. They feel embarrassed due to their problem and so don’t feel like going to social gatherings and meeting people. People have got this misconception that there is no cure for clammy hands. This is a wrong concept because there are treatments for clammy skin.

Why Now ?

Puberty and Adult Life:

If you are a teenager then you most probably getting this due to your apocrine glands getting active as this happens when you hit puberty. Some people get affected when in their early teens and some of them get affected in their early adult life.


Hormonial changes to your body can also cause this so if you are going through menopause then this could be the reasons. Both men and women go though menopause but women are more affected and some men don’t even noticed the stage in their life.


If the above points are not applicable to you then consult your doctor and get information from them as it could be a disease which you need to diagnose.

What to do ?

Luckily there are many ways to get rid of this problem.

  • Natural Remedies:

sage for clammy hands

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One of the easiest remedy is to rub talcum powder on your hands. It is the least costly method to get rid off clammy skin. Soaking your hands in sage tea for half an hour can also prove to be effective. Tannic acid is present in tea that dries out your hands but this treatment should be followed every week. You can also buy a book which has more methods to help you out.

  • Antiperspirants:

Antiperspirants are also available in the markets that are used to treat excessive sweat. You can also use them on your hands and other affected areas. These treatments have to be used regularly otherwise they won’t be effective.
The only problem is the side effects and you need to stay away from them in the long run.

  • Other Methods:

If the problem of sweaty hands gets worse then other methods like Iontophoresis, Botox Injections, medications and surgery have to be used. In Iontophoresis electric current of mild intensity is applied on the palms to prevent sweating from the sweat glands. In this procedure hands are kept under water and electricity is transmitted through a device. This treatment continues until the sweating of hands is reduced. This is an expensive method to cure clammy hands.

Another treatment is Botox injections. This is a temporary treatment and it takes 2-3 months to obtain desired results. Through Botox injections certain muscles of the palm are made inactive. As a result discharge of acetylcholine chemical is decreased and so sweating also decreases. Doctors may also give medicines to take orally instead of giving Botox injections. These medicines help in decreasing the discharge of chemical acetylcholine. Surgery can also cure clammy hands but there can be side effects of surgery and so people often avoid surgeries.

Botox is not a good solution has if missed out it can lead to certain parts being dry and the out part till be sweaty.
Finter tips can be hard to treat so make sure its taken care of.

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