The phenomenon of cold sweating is a lot different from any regular type of sweat. You sweat regularly when you get exhausted and your body flushes all the toxins out. However, people who suffer from cold sweat do not need any strenuous activity or exhaustion to start sweating. It is a condition that happens on its own, some times periodical and other times random. If you have experienced cold sweat, it is probably due to some moment of great fear and anxiety. There can be lots of other reasons why people have this condition, especially women who form the majority of the patients.

All women undergo menopause after a certain age and their body estrogen count drops to low levels. This triggers a series of internal stimulus that results them breaking out into cold sweat. You can also suffer from it if you have hyperglycemia or you are in some trauma. The effect of such a sweat is really different. You start to feel an uncontrollable cold and shivering sensation all over your body. It does not depend on the surrounding temperature and conditions. Your body heat drops by such a great extent, that you may start to feel cold even when you are wrapped up in blankets. That is one of the primary reasons why people refer to cold sweats as the “shivers” or “chills”

There can be several other causes for such a sweat. One major cause is trauma and shock. If you are in a serious accident or suffer head injury, you would be going into trauma. Despite all the pain, you would start to feel a sensation of cold sweat breaking out all over your body. It is a sensation that cannot be described if you have not felt it. Another reason for cold sweating is when people go into shock. If you have been stung, you might break out into a cold sweat as the pain sets in. This is a condition of anaphylaxis shock and should be treated extremely seriously.

The condition of breaking into cold sweats can also be an indication of more life threatening diseases. People with heart attack or stroke can get an indication of impending troubles if they suddenly start cold sweating without any reason. When the blood vessels have a problem, they are not able to send proper oxygen content to the body. As a result, your body craves oxygen as cold sweat breaks out. If you have suffered from diseases such as thyroid or jaundice in the past, you might experience a sensation of cold sweat in the treatment or post operative period.

When you first notice the signs of cold sweat in your body, you should treat it extremely seriously. It can be an indication of something terribly wrong with your body. The first step should be to see a qualified doctor and inform him about your condition. He can run the proper tests and help identify the cause of the sweat. If you start proper treatment at an early stage, you should be able to take care of your cold sweating problems, helping you lead a healthy life.

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ron long October 18, 2012 at 3:17 pm

when i am at home and relaxing that i am fine but if go grocery store, go to the mall or etc that i break out in sweat all over so i am just looking to see if their is a quick fix?
once a doctor wrote me a prescription called hyper care 40 days late my right palm begin to shook so i stoped

Frank March 28, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Best site so far [>40 minutes of searching/reading]


(Mom is freezing cold under blankets in 92 degree room and sweating profusely)

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