Excessive sweating is a common problem with many people, so, if you are also suffering from profuse forehead sweat, don’t worry, you are not alone. It can get very uncomfortable for the affected person to be profusely sweating from the forehead while others around him are relaxed and sweat-free.

Sweat On Forehead

Although sweating is a normal function of the body designed to keep the body cool and to regulate its temperature excessive perspiration can lead to an uncomfortable existence and many embarrassing situations. Your career and your dating life can get ruined, to name a few social complications arising from excessive sweating. After all, no one wants to date a person whose forehead is dripping with sweat all the time or give him a position of any responsibility in a company if he is forever mopping his forehead!

The medical term for this condition is called hyperhidrosis and if your life is becoming miserable because of your excessive forehead sweat, here are some tips to reduce the sweat.

Dietary changes have shown to help in the reduction of forehead sweat. Over-salty and processed food should be avoided. Food with a high content of calcium should also be taken in moderation and instead of having normal milk you should opt for skimmed milk. Not only will this keep the calories at bay, it will significantly help in lowering your sweat level. Any food containing MSG should not be taken and too many carbohydrates are not recommended for those having a lot of forehead sweat. Onion and garlic also should be eaten only very infrequently.

Your diet should also allow for a proper intake of vitamins and minerals as they have proved to be beneficial for reducing forehead sweat. The ones which are particularly helpful in this regard are Vitamin B and C along with adequate dosage of magnesium and zinc. Spirulina which is type of food from algae is excellent for reducing forehead sweat. All these vitamins and minerals help to maintain the normal adrenal functions and control the release of hormones from various glands including the sweat glands.

Using an antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride (it blocks sweat glands) can also be of use. The worse the problem of forehead sweat, the higher the amount of aluminum chloride is needed in the antiperspirant. Many roll-on solutions are available at local pharmacies which have to be applied before bed time and on a dry forehead. This is then washed off in the morning. Avoid eye contact with the product during application.

If the condition is severe, then surgery may be the only option. In this the sweat glands are totally removed but like any other invasive procedure it carries its own share of risks. Botox has also become popular in blocking the sweat glands.

Whatever the severity of the condition, the fact remains that excessive forehead sweat can cause a lot of social anxiety and can create havoc with a person’s personality in the long run.

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P S Chitale October 24, 2012 at 9:52 pm

I have this problem of forehead sweating while eating food. Since I have to eat garlic to protect from COLD- as I am very susceptible to cold and suffer from connected problems like COUGH etc I cannot stop eating garlic – but I have to bear with forehead sweating which I do not mind. I cannot afford to suffer from COLD! What do you think? Can I solve both problems?

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