Groin sweating is something which obviously no one wants to talk about as it is such a personal thing. But, the fact is that this type of sweating is more common than known and affects millions of people, both men and women. Since groin sweating involves such an intimate area of the body, it becomes a hush-hush problem and people suffering from it are embarrassed even to think about it.

Any man or woman will feel embarrassed in admitting that he or she suffers from this problem as the very term indicates poor personal hygiene. But, if you are one of them, it is high time you got over the embarrassment and sought remedial action if at least for the sake of your health and to lessen the discomfort which this sweating must surely cause.

The continuous perspiration in your groin and inner thighs can cause rashes, itchiness, skin irritation, odor and a host of other problems. To combat this, here are some quick effective tips:

It goes without saying that regular showers are a must but what is more important is that your shower should end with cold water. The water need not be freezing but you can begin with a warm shower gradually lowering the temperature until the end when the water should be cold. This is so that you will not start sweating the minute you step out of the shower. Next, you must dry off thoroughly; no dampness should remain in the inner areas, so, rub every crevice and fold dry.

Use talcum powder generously around the inner thighs and the groin and the buttocks; the talcum powder absorbs moisture so that even if you sweat it will mix with the talcum and evaporate. Special talcum powders for controlling itching and skin irritation are also available at drugstores so if your skin is feeling a bit chafed, these powders will give you some relief along with taking care of your sweat.

A gentle application of a deodorant is also very handy in keeping groin sweating at bay. This does not mean a direct application on the groin but an antiperspirant gel can be rubbed on the creases between your inner thighs as this is where the problem generally begins. But, if there is any irritation, stop the deodorant immediately.

It cannot be stressed enough that you must avoid synthetic clothing and wear breathable fabrics like cotton next to your nether regions. Your underwear should not only be made of cotton but also must be fitting snugly. It should not be too loose as this will make your thighs rub against the groin and cause even more sweating. Treat any chafing of the skin down there immediately with specially formulated creams or lotions. Botox is also used on the inner thighs to control excessive groin sweating but this is very much a last resort.

Remember, however much as would like to, you cannot simply wish away the problem of groin sweating if you are prone to it, so, follow the above tips for some relief.

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