Headache sweating, as the term suggests is related to headaches; this essentially means that for some, excessive sweating can be a sign of a potential headache. Headache sweating does not encompass all sorts of headaches but is most common with cluster headaches. Lets get an idea of cluster headaches actually are and how is it related to headache sweating.

There are many variations in headaches and surprisingly, a single person can suffer from different types of headaches. Migraines, tension headaches, cold headaches are only some of the types normally bandied around but cluster headaches are something which not many are familiar with and this is what causes headache sweating most commonly.

Headache Sweating

Headache Sweating

Cluster headaches usually affect only one side of the head, near the eyes or the temple and are thus unilateral. But, the pain is quite debilitating and severe. Cluster headaches can leave you feeling limp and exhausted both physically and mentally in a matter of few minutes or a couple of hours. They can last anywhere from 15 minutes to up to 3 hours and the interim period can be devastating.

The symptoms of cluster headaches range from a feeling of extreme restlessness, agitation and sweating. In fact, sweating from the side of the face experiencing the headache is the most common indication of an impending cluster headache. The affected person’s forehead and cheeks can start sweating profusely along with the reddening of eyes.

The cluster headache will begin from around the eye area and move upwards and reach its peak within two to fifteen minutes. This type of headache comes in a flash and the person may suddenly break out in extreme sweat from his face. The affected person’s heart also starts racing much faster. Cluster headaches have been described even in medical journals to be more painful than migraines.

There are various factors which can lead to cluster headaches and these include, consumption of alcohol, exposure to perfumes or industrial smells or even taking an extended nap. This kind of headache has also earned itself the nickname of ‘alarm clock headache’ as it frequently happens at the same time each day. This can get very difficult if the person suddenly finds himself sweating profusely in the middle of work every day at the same time and knows that he is going to have an attack of a cluster headache. This can really disrupt the person’s routine and may even put his job in jeopardy. Headache sweating is not only physically torturous for the affected person because of the headache but the sweating bit can actually put other people off.

There is no known medical treatment for this type of headache sweating simply because even OTC analgesics are ineffective in treating this particular headache. Antihistamines, ergot preparations and calcium channel blockers may provide some relief from cluster headache and hence from headache sweating. Natural methods to reduce headache sweating would include reducing stress, getting enough sleep and relaxation which in itself would lessen the chances of a headache occurring.

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Thanks for the important insight on the headaches and sweating.Could you also have a solution on the remedies for the headache.

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